BUSABA ETAI (Location: ) ££  


This is always a popular choice (particularly on a Friday night), which is mainly due to its funky decor, quick service and reasonable prices. Busaba Etai does offer vegetarian options but to be honest there is not much to choose from. There is a noodle dish containing cashew nuts (Pad Thai), as well as a fried tofu and spinach option, depending on what you prefer. The menu does offer a selection of vegetarian side dishes, which includes veggie spring rolls. If you are looking to eat Thai food, there are more veg friendly restaurants to choose from. Although the dishes on offer are tasty, it can get boring eating the same dishes each time.


Tel. 0207 518 8080 (Bird Street Branch)


PATARA (Locations: ) ££ 


As far as Thai restaurants go, it doesn't get much better than your own veggie menu! There is loads to choose from and at reasonable prices too. The decor and service are second to none, this coupled with reasonable prices, makes Patara a perfect all round choice. The restaurant has its own bar and is beautifully decorated. It has a great atmosphere, which makes it a great choice for a night out, without making a dent in your purse.



SARAN ROM (Location: Waterside Tower, Fulham) £££


From the moment a tuk tuk arrives and takes you to the restaurant, you know that you are in for a treat, albeit expensive treat. The restaurant is by far a great choice for a romantic night out, with magnificent views of the Thames and ornate decorations. The ambiance is faultless and you are looking to spend approximately £45 per head. The only thing lacking is the vegetarian food. There are options on offer with around 5 dishes for each of the starters and mains. I recommend that you stick with the green curry as opposed to trying the aubergine dish or the fried tofu, as both are disappointing to say the least. One last tip, before you leave make sure that you try their Irish coffee, as it is one of their specialties which is made at your table. 


MANGO TREE (Location: 46 Grosvenor Place, London) £££


Mango Tree is situated in Belgravia, within walking distance of Victoria Station. It is simplistically designed, with rows of tables for the diners. Whilst the decor maybe simple, the food is anything but. The website states that it 'serves the best traditional Thai food.' It certainly isn't wrong. There is a separate vegetarian menu at that back offering a wide variety of starters including soups, curries and noodles. Their 'famous' vegetarian hot and sour soup is not only unique in flavour, it is very tasty (although be warned, it is not for the faint hearted as it is spicy!) The green curry and vegetables taste just like dishes you would find in Thailand - if only the prices were the same too! Look out for special events Mango Tree holds i.e. curry month where they have more options on the menu. The only down-side is the cost, which works out at around £50 per head with a glass of wine, but regardless it is well worth a visit.