LA TASCA (Location: various) £  


I have never been a fan of Spanish tapas as I generally found the selection of offer limited and unfilling. However, I pleasantly surprised by La Tasca. The idea is to order around 3 - 4 small tapas dishes per person. I ordered the garlic mushrooms (not very impressed) and potatas bravas (you can't go wrong). Finally my last dish was aubergine, baked in tomato, garlic and wine sauce - which was just splendid. Even if you are not a fan of aubergine, I recommend that you try this dish. There is also vegetarian paella and a range of salads available. The total cost of the meal, plus a drink comes to around £10 - £15. The meal is light, so I would recommend visting La Tasca for lunch but not for dinner.


I contacted the La Tasca team to find out why as the aubegine dish was not highlighted on the menu as a vegetarian dish. The La Tasca team made the following comment:


'As we do not operate a dedicated vegetarian kitchen and although some dishes do not contain meat or seafood, due to the cooking process we are unable to confirm that these dishes are suitable for vegetarians.  In the case where products such as the bread, which is not produced at the restaurant, unless our suppliers can confirm that they are fully vegetarian we are unable to specify that they are on the menu.'