TEXTURE (Location: 34 Portman Street, W1H 7BY) £££  


I was dragged kicking and screaming to Texture, as the menu is some what 'different' with none of usual/safe veggie options to choose from. The restaurant itself is airy and spacious, and the staff are friendly. The aim of this restaurant is to experiment with different consistencies hence the name Texture, I presume.


Once seated, you are given pre-appetisers which consists of fried cod skin - as you can see the dishes are unique. Be sure to check which of the dishes are vegetarian as it is not always clear. This is then followed by bread and a small green sorbet consisting of peas and mint. Again, an array of different textures and flavours.


As I have now been to Texture a few times, I have tried both the New Season Asparagus and the Mozzarella and Tomato dish. The asparagus dish is different, with a strong taste of lemon but I personally prefer the dish as it is accompanied by a delicious dressing, it is by far the tastiest version of and tomato I have ever tasted - the Chef has managed to transform what is such a simple dish into something absolutely tasty. We were all raving about it after. The mozzarella does not seem to be on the menu on the website, but it is worth asking for.


For a main dish, the menu offers a barley risotto. Again, this consists of peas and asparagus (the peas are a running theme throughout). I personally preferred the fregula (similar to cous cous), as it is much lighter dish. The fregula is also not on the menu, but the chef is happy to make this as an alternative to the risotto.


Finally they provide you with a of macaroons and chocolate truffles, which nicely round off the unique tasting experience.