Veggie Friendly Restaurants in PARIS






LES PHILOSOPHES (Location: 28, Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 75004, France)


This is a rustic café in the lovely Marais area of Paris, well known with locals as a wonderful people watching opportunity!  Les Philosophes is situated on a corner spot and there is outdoor seating available too on a warm day. As a group of vegetarians, we found that there were a few choices on the menu and the owner is also very accommodating if you want something that is not listed.  We had a warm goat's cheese salad, an open mozzarella and tomato, drizzled with fresh pesto.  The chips were homemade and piping hot and an array of fresh juices/coffee, chai and hot chocolate to choose from.  The food was fresh and incredibly seasoned for fairly simple dishes. I would definitely recommend for good service, buzzing atmosphere and definitely fun if you love to indulge in some people watching.

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Tel: +33 1 48 87 49 64


Goat's Cheese Salad:                                           


 Les Philosophes salad


L'AS DU FALAFEL (Location: 34 Rue des Rosiers, Paris 75004, France)


This has become something of a Paris must for me now.  It is home to the best falafel in Paris and although I'm vegetarian, one of my friends I've been there with me assures me that the shawama deserves equal accolades.  The service is great and there are lots of side dishes like aubergine, fresh chips, hoummous etc to feast on.  Fresh juices are suitably thirst quenching too.  This becomes super busy at lunch and dinner with queues building up down the road but it's definitely the best in an area saturated with similar eateries.


Tel: +33 1 427 47499

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CHEZ MARIANNE (Location: 2 Rue des Hospitalieres-Saint-Gervais, Paris 75004, France)


This is a real treat for the tastebuds - a very cosy and  intimate restaurant with a black and white tiled interior crammed with little tables and a deli at the back.  I had a plate of mixed mezes and this was absolutely divine, a mix of falafel, olives, hoummous, borek, salads, various spicy and flavoursome vegetable concoctions accompanied by warm pitta.  This place is always full and on our last visit we weren't able to get a table on our first attempt so definitely worth arriving early.  If you would like takeaway falafel there is a takeaway window where you can grab one on the go. For those of you who seem to whinge about the bland vegetarian options you've been subjected to in Paris - you must visit Chez Marianne.


Tel: +33 1 427 218 86