Veggie Friendly Restaurants in ANTWERP


BAVIK'S PIZZERIA (Location: Lange Herentalsestraat, Antwerp)


There is an array of Italian restaurants in Antwerp, but we decided to eat at Bavik's as it was recommended by one of the locals. The pizzas were delicious and great value for money as they pizzas are certainly not small. I went for the vegetarian pizza and it was topped with mushrooms, onions, olives, peppers. It was so tasty that we ate there twice on our visit to Antwerp. The second time I ordered mushrooms in white wine sauce for starter (again very tasty), and for my main dish I ordered vegetables with tomato sauce. You can choose from penne, spaghetti or tagliatelli. The pizzas are by far their specialty and the service is can not be faulted.


FRITKOT MAX (Location: Groenplaats 12, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium‎)

  As french fries originate from Belgium, it would be a crime not to experience Belgium's french fries. Fritkot Max is located in Groenplaats, near to the cathedral so has a perfect location. It consists of a small stand within a small indoor area, with only outdoor seating. It is consistently busy and so you will have to be patient as the queues are long - but it is worth the wait. The locals and tourists all queue to purchase a bag of french fries, ignoring the numerous other similar restaurants dotted around. It is also great value for money and there is a great selection of sauces available.



WOK & TANDOOR (Location: Gentplaats 1 -2000, Antwerp)


Wok & Tandoor is described as 'only for nice people!' - and I can see why. As soon as you enter, the warm hits you, along with the big friendly smiles of the waiters. The restaurant has an eastern decor consisting of wood, a red and purple colour theme and candles on each table.

The restaurant offers Chinese wok dishes and dishes made in an Indian tandoori oven and a shahi grill. You can choose from the a la carte menu (vegetarian main dishes are limited), but I would recommend opting for their 'a volonte' formulas, whereby you can create your own dish. You can choose from a range of vegetables, including your favorite Chinese vegetables including pak choi, as well as tofu, noodles and rice. You then tell the chef which sauce you want and he will cook all the in the wok, followed by garnish. There is no limit to the the number of times you can create your own dish.  

The choice at the shahi tandoor stand is limited unfortunately, the only option being masala vegetables, which were bland.

I would suggest telling your waiter from the outset whether you eat fish, as otherwise they will assume you do and will offer you seafood even if you are vegetarian.  

Wok & Tandoor offers not only a unique dining experience, but a fun night out too.